Wednesday, September 19, 2012

* Cuties in a Playgroup *


Alhamdulillah. My deepest syukr to Allah for giving me the guts to join the reading playgroup this morning (till afternoon). Though last night I was quite sure that I won't go, but suddenly a voice inside of me whispered that I need to challenge myself to do things I haven't done before. So, I was determined to go and finally I reached the place (with some hurdles) and guess what? I feel like I am not in Malaysia! Sort of entering a new world, new faces, new cultures, new home-design styles, new accents etc...

For months I have been hunting for a playgroup for my baby. Of course I found lots of them, but unfortunately they only offer the playgroup for the kids aged 3 years and above (majority of them are like that). Till finally I found this one playgroup in the vicinity of my home area, I was excited when I read one statement written there in their page "All ages are welcome (including babies, they won't be babies for ever)". Yayyy, alhamdulillah. :D

However, there was a little problem. It's an international playgroup! As I browsed through the pages and photos, I got the idea that most of them are not Asian and not Muslims. Yeah, it's a challenge for me; to try to mingle myself with people from other countries (yesterday I wrote about other races, and now it's a bigger issue I guess.)

IIUM is also an international organization, so what's the big fuss of having to mix with this international playgroup?! Oh well, maybe in term of the nationalities, it's the same as what I have experienced in IIUM. But the matter now is the difference of faiths. You know, when you are surrounded by Muslims from other countries, you don't feel awkward or inferior as much as when surrounded with people from different flags and beliefs. Especially if it is for the first time. Can't escape from having the gawky feeling inside. But eventually, it will fade, little by little, inshaAllah.

Before the story telling session.

Actually, the reason I am trying to bring my baby to this type of activity is; I want her to learn about SHARING. She got no friends inside her home (except her parents), and I noticed that when once in while she plays with the other kids, she will have the "this book/ toy is MINE, you cannot take it!" attitude. (I bet most kids are like that). So I hope by putting her into a playgroup will somehow teach her to be more caring, emphatic (by sharing stuffs) and not afraid of making friends.

I prefer a playgroup rather than a nursery or kindergarten because in a playgroup, mothers are there to accompany the babies. And it's easier for mothers to observe how their munchkins' are behaving from time to time.

As for the playgroup I attended today, it is basically a READING PLAYGROUP. There's no activities such as coloring, baking, making this and that and so on so forth (but sometimes there are other activities such as treasure hunting and playing outdoor). That's why it is suitable for babies as well. The reading teacher just now is a British. She's very good in attracting babies' attentions (though once in a while I can't deny those little creatures want to wander here and there to explore). Her style of story-telling is superb and I adore it. I will try to be like her when I read stories to my baby.

After the story telling session.

At the playgroup, I met people from Australia, Romania, UK, Philippines, as well as Korea. :) InshaAllah for the upcoming playgroup's sessions, I will be able to meet more and more people from countries all over the world.

P/s: Sorry I didn't have much chance to snap pics. 

P/s/s: Tell me if you (and your baby) want to join, then it'll be more fun! :D

P/s/s/s: If you know any Muslim playgroup (which is opens for babies as well), do inform me, please. Thank you! :)

P/s/s/s/s: Need to pay rm10 for each playgroup session.

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