Tuesday, September 18, 2012

* In the Eyes of Them *



Actually I wanna write about this little thing 2 days ago, in conjunction with Malaysia Day. :D

A few weeks ago, I had my breakfast with 3 other people. One is Malay, one is Chinese and another one is Indian (the one paying for the breakfast!).

I don't know them much but hey, I was quite excited and very grateful for being given this chance. Sitting together at one little round table, enjoying breakfast, chit-chatting about some issues, and as well as waiting patiently for the meals to arrive.

It has been years since I had Chinese and Indian friends. Back then in primary school, I had a few close Indian friends and honestly I love spending time with them. We exchanged gifts, studied together, played together, and ate together during recess. In fact, when we were no longer in the same school, we did write letters to each other. How close we were, isn't it? :)

Praises be to Allah for blessing us with this little happiness. Where people of different races can still enjoy the relationship regardless of their backgrounds and creeds. Alhamdulillah I am Malaysian. ;)

Who knows, even without any utterances of words about Islam, they will still get to know a few simple stuffs about it, respecting it and thus, attracted to know more about it. InshaAllah. He is indeed the controller of every heart.


Well, about the recent issue of "innocence of Muslims", we know that all Muslims are enraged and somehow feeling sad when our beloved Prophet sollallahu alaihi wasallam was humiliated and dishonored. But please, my dear fellow Muslims, let us avoid doing anything that will make the non-believers think that what isn't true about Islam, is actually true, due to our stupid actions and negative responses.

Prove to them that Islam is a religion that promotes peace, patience and love. To win hearts, we don't use violence. It is love and kindness which are the weapons to attract others' hearts. Remember what our Prohet sollallahu alaihi wasallam reminded us? "DO NOT BECOME ANGRY". 


In response to the abusive film about the Holy Prophet Muhammad upon him blessings and peace, “Discover Islam UK” in London distributed more than 110,000 copies of a translation of the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad for the citizens of London. Very smart response. May God bless them with the support of His beloved and religion.


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