Friday, September 21, 2012

* Raising Sahabas *


What an inspiring blog about homeschooling! Do visit it:

* I Implore U to Learn it *


DURING my Linguistics studies, I came upon something pretty amazing, and thought I'd share it with you...

In Linguistics, it is commonly understood that translation from one language to another is complicated; in that, no language can ever fully depict the essence and magnificence of another language, whether it be the culture, ideologies, or simple nature intrinsically present within that language.

Poetry, is even more complex, forget that, it's said to be 'impossible'... Guy Cook, Professor of Language and Education: "It has rhyme, it has rhythm, it has metaphors, symbolism, cultural illusions, performance style, and so on and so forth, it really is almost impossible to get a translation which does justice to the original." Shelley, English poet: "It’s like throwing a violet into a crucible."

So, translating poetry from one language into another has been likened to throwing a flower into a furnace. Wow. There’s absolutely no way that that flower could ever, possibly, even with the minutest chance, come out of a furnace looking the same.

So what then, of the Qur'an? Over 1400 years old, and magnificently still unparalleled to this day. The most beautiful, inimitable piece of literature in the world. In fact, a book that cannot only be called ‘a piece of literature’, or even equated to poetry, since that wouldn’t suffice. It is a guidance, a healing, a light, and best described by the One who authored it, Allah, The Majestic, Supreme in Greatness:

 “Allah has sent down the Best Statement, a Book (this Qur'an), its parts resembling each other (in goodness and truth) (and) oft-repeated. The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah. He Guides therewith whom He wills; and whomever Allah sends astray, for him there is no guide.” (Surah Az-Zumar, Chapter 39, Ayah 23) 

SubhanAllah, such powerful words, and yet even they have been translated for us! Just imagine reading this verse in pure Arabic and understanding it to a degree that you never could in English. Imagine capturing the beauty of the violet before it is fed to the furnace.

So the question is, can we ever understand and connect with the Book of Allah, if we can only access it in its translated meaning? The answer is yes; we can, and many people before us have done the same.

But now I ask you, can we ever fully absorb, contemplate and reflect upon the Speech of Allah, if we can only access it in its translated meaning? Can we ever completely connect with it on an emotional and intellectual level? The answer is no; we cannot, except for a small (or some) degree, and that is the fundamental reason why countless people before us have sought and strived to learn the Arabic language, and why countless people amongst us continue to do so now.

The Qur’an's message is gloriously beautiful in whatever language it is translated into; Russian, Chinese, Korean, French, English, and so on, such that it inspires millions of conversions into Islam, but it is only in the Arabic language that its beauty truly emanates and radiates. 

“Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'ân in order that you may understand.” (Surah Yousuf, Chapter 12, Verse 2) 

 Sisters and Brothers, therefore, I implore you to learn the Arabic language, and open up doors to endless possibilities and rewards. To comprehend the Qur’an with a new understanding, to revel in the sweet beauty of each and every verse, to smile and cry at the descriptions of those entering Paradise and those entering the Hell Fire, to desire with a newfound urgency to be amongst the Believers, and to fear with a trembling heart to be amongst the Disbelievers, to hope and dream, to wish and want, in a language of surmount exquisiteness, and to love the Qur’an the way it truly deserves to be loved.

May Allah help us all to master the language of the Qur’an and to aid its spread throughout the Ummah. 

May He increase us all in beneficial knowledge, sincere intentions, and accepted deeds, and may He bless us in manifold reward.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

* Cuties in a Playgroup *


Alhamdulillah. My deepest syukr to Allah for giving me the guts to join the reading playgroup this morning (till afternoon). Though last night I was quite sure that I won't go, but suddenly a voice inside of me whispered that I need to challenge myself to do things I haven't done before. So, I was determined to go and finally I reached the place (with some hurdles) and guess what? I feel like I am not in Malaysia! Sort of entering a new world, new faces, new cultures, new home-design styles, new accents etc...

For months I have been hunting for a playgroup for my baby. Of course I found lots of them, but unfortunately they only offer the playgroup for the kids aged 3 years and above (majority of them are like that). Till finally I found this one playgroup in the vicinity of my home area, I was excited when I read one statement written there in their page "All ages are welcome (including babies, they won't be babies for ever)". Yayyy, alhamdulillah. :D

However, there was a little problem. It's an international playgroup! As I browsed through the pages and photos, I got the idea that most of them are not Asian and not Muslims. Yeah, it's a challenge for me; to try to mingle myself with people from other countries (yesterday I wrote about other races, and now it's a bigger issue I guess.)

IIUM is also an international organization, so what's the big fuss of having to mix with this international playgroup?! Oh well, maybe in term of the nationalities, it's the same as what I have experienced in IIUM. But the matter now is the difference of faiths. You know, when you are surrounded by Muslims from other countries, you don't feel awkward or inferior as much as when surrounded with people from different flags and beliefs. Especially if it is for the first time. Can't escape from having the gawky feeling inside. But eventually, it will fade, little by little, inshaAllah.

Before the story telling session.

Actually, the reason I am trying to bring my baby to this type of activity is; I want her to learn about SHARING. She got no friends inside her home (except her parents), and I noticed that when once in while she plays with the other kids, she will have the "this book/ toy is MINE, you cannot take it!" attitude. (I bet most kids are like that). So I hope by putting her into a playgroup will somehow teach her to be more caring, emphatic (by sharing stuffs) and not afraid of making friends.

I prefer a playgroup rather than a nursery or kindergarten because in a playgroup, mothers are there to accompany the babies. And it's easier for mothers to observe how their munchkins' are behaving from time to time.

As for the playgroup I attended today, it is basically a READING PLAYGROUP. There's no activities such as coloring, baking, making this and that and so on so forth (but sometimes there are other activities such as treasure hunting and playing outdoor). That's why it is suitable for babies as well. The reading teacher just now is a British. She's very good in attracting babies' attentions (though once in a while I can't deny those little creatures want to wander here and there to explore). Her style of story-telling is superb and I adore it. I will try to be like her when I read stories to my baby.

After the story telling session.

At the playgroup, I met people from Australia, Romania, UK, Philippines, as well as Korea. :) InshaAllah for the upcoming playgroup's sessions, I will be able to meet more and more people from countries all over the world.

P/s: Sorry I didn't have much chance to snap pics. 

P/s/s: Tell me if you (and your baby) want to join, then it'll be more fun! :D

P/s/s/s: If you know any Muslim playgroup (which is opens for babies as well), do inform me, please. Thank you! :)

P/s/s/s/s: Need to pay rm10 for each playgroup session.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

* In the Eyes of Them *



Actually I wanna write about this little thing 2 days ago, in conjunction with Malaysia Day. :D

A few weeks ago, I had my breakfast with 3 other people. One is Malay, one is Chinese and another one is Indian (the one paying for the breakfast!).

I don't know them much but hey, I was quite excited and very grateful for being given this chance. Sitting together at one little round table, enjoying breakfast, chit-chatting about some issues, and as well as waiting patiently for the meals to arrive.

It has been years since I had Chinese and Indian friends. Back then in primary school, I had a few close Indian friends and honestly I love spending time with them. We exchanged gifts, studied together, played together, and ate together during recess. In fact, when we were no longer in the same school, we did write letters to each other. How close we were, isn't it? :)

Praises be to Allah for blessing us with this little happiness. Where people of different races can still enjoy the relationship regardless of their backgrounds and creeds. Alhamdulillah I am Malaysian. ;)

Who knows, even without any utterances of words about Islam, they will still get to know a few simple stuffs about it, respecting it and thus, attracted to know more about it. InshaAllah. He is indeed the controller of every heart.


Well, about the recent issue of "innocence of Muslims", we know that all Muslims are enraged and somehow feeling sad when our beloved Prophet sollallahu alaihi wasallam was humiliated and dishonored. But please, my dear fellow Muslims, let us avoid doing anything that will make the non-believers think that what isn't true about Islam, is actually true, due to our stupid actions and negative responses.

Prove to them that Islam is a religion that promotes peace, patience and love. To win hearts, we don't use violence. It is love and kindness which are the weapons to attract others' hearts. Remember what our Prohet sollallahu alaihi wasallam reminded us? "DO NOT BECOME ANGRY". 


In response to the abusive film about the Holy Prophet Muhammad upon him blessings and peace, “Discover Islam UK” in London distributed more than 110,000 copies of a translation of the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad for the citizens of London. Very smart response. May God bless them with the support of His beloved and religion.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

* We Miss Him Dearly *

(pictures by

 " Why do they (kaafirun) hate him so much? Because even the worst of us, loves him so much! " -Syeikh Yahya Adel

He prayed while others slept 
While others ate he’d fast, 
While they would laugh he wept 
Until he breathed his last, 
His only wish was for us to be 
Among the ones who prosper...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

* Dari Seorang Hamba *


Dari dulu, dari zaman belajar, setiap kali kelas berakhir, selalu ada niat di hati untuk kongsikan di blog ini tentang silibus-silibus yang saya belajar. (Subjek-subjek berkaitan alquran dan hadith). Kerana saya tahu ilmu-ilmu yang saya belajar tu adalah ilmu dunia akhirat, yang semua orang patut tahu, tapi tak semua berpeluang untuk tahu. Saya sekadar ingin berkongsi yang mudah-mudah, tetapi inshaAllah ada manfaatnya bagi kita semua.

Dan tadi, bila saya buka kembali reading materials untuk subjek Qiraah Nassiyyah fi Kutub Alhadith (Readings in Hadith Books), agak terkesima bila saya terlihat tarikh yang tercoret adalah Mac 2009. Sudah 3tahun lebih rupanya saya meninggalkan subjek itu tapi sepertinya baru beberapa bulan ia berlalu. Seolah-olah penjelasan Dr. Abdul Rahman tentang hadith-hadith yang dipelajari masih terngiang-ngiang. Dan rindu pada zaman belajar mula datang lagi. Ya Allah...

Proses memahami hadith ada masanya menjadi sesuatu yang membahagiakan hati. Yang membuat jiwa terasa dekat dengan sang kekasih. Bila hati menghayati hadith-hadith tentang doa baginda sollallahu alaihi wasallam, terasa sungguh menusuk, terasa mahu gugur setiap air mata, terasa dekatnya dengan Baginda kerana munajatnya kepada Allah sangat tepat untuk menggambarkan perasaan kita. Adakala kita ini berdoa, namun tidak ketemu kata-kata yang selayaknya kita ucapkan pada Sang Pencipta.

Benar kata seorang kawan tentang doa-doa yang diajarkan nabi sollallahu alaihi wasallam. Katanya, bahasa yang digunakan itu sangat indah, sangat bertepatan dengan kehendak jiwa, padanya ada rayuan yang bersungguhan pada Yang Maha Esa, dan yang paling utama, dalam setiap untaian kata doa-doa itu, terselit pengajaran tauhid buat kita.

Dan malam ini, saya ingin kongsikan satu potongan doa dari hadith baginda sollallahu alaihi wasallam yang sebelum ini tidak pernah saya amalkan. Ayuh, hayati (dan amalkan) rintihan hati dari seorang hamba kepada Tuhannya...

رَبِّ اجْعَلنِي      Ya Tuhanku, jadikan aku ini

لَكَ شَكَّارًا       hambaMu yang banyak bersyukur kepadaMu

لَكَ ذَكَّارًا        hambaMu yang banyak  mengingatiMu

لك رهَّباً        hambaMu yang punyai rasa takut kepada (seksaan) Mu

لك مُطِيعًا      hambaMu yang taat akan segala perintahMu

إِلَيْك مُخْبِتًا     yang khusyuk menghadapMu

إليك أَوَّاهًا مُنِيبًا   yang banyak merintih kepadaMu, & selalu kembali kepadaMu

رَبِّ تَقٌبَّلْ تَوْبَتِي   Ya Tuhanku, terimalah taubatku

وَ اغْسِلْ حَوْبَتِي   sucikanlah aku dari dosa-dosaku

وَ أَجِبْ دَعْوَتِي    perkenankanlah doa-doaku

وَ اهْدِ قَلْبِي     pimpinlah hatiku ke jalanMu

وَ سَدِّدْ لِسانِي  Jadikanlah lidahku ini hanya berkata benar

وَ ثَبِّتْ حُجَّتِي   Teguhkanlah pendirian dan hujahku

وَ اسْلٌلْ سَخِيمَةَ قَلْبِي  Dan cabutlah rasa kebencian (kepada orang lain) yang bersarang dalam hatiku

Amin ya Rabb..

(Hadith direkodkan dalam Sunan Abi Daud, Tirmidzi dan Ibnu Majah. Kata Syeikh Al-albani, hadith ini Sahih)

Tahukah kalian tentang satu perkara? Doa ini (dan doa-doa lain yang Baginda sollallahu alaihi wasallam ajarkan) akan lebih terkesan seandainya kita membacanya dalam bahasa Arab, dan apabila kita memahami bahasa Arab. Sungguh, satu kerugian yang besar jika kita mahu menghayati agama Islam, akan tetapi tidak menguasai bahasa Arab, iaitu bahasa yang digunakan dalam alQuran dan hadith.


Friday, September 7, 2012

* He is Our Everything *


That beautiful day, I was given the chance to spend a few hours talking to someone about how life has been so difficult for her. Thus making her keep thinking of breaking down and stop moving on though she knows her strength is a vital inspiration for others.

I know if I am in her shoes, I will have the same thinking as her. Yes, life sometimes seems cruel (but it isn't). What's the meaning of constantly happy without being tested? In fact, hardships make us strong. Pains make us appreciate joys. And tears make us realize that we are weak human beings and always, always need Allah as our guidance, heart-warmer, and our everything.

As we travel our live's journeys, too many times we fall because we are hurt by others' actions and words. How nice it is if we can free our minds from being affected by those meaningless words and underestimating looks. I remember reading somewhere, it says: You can't go far in life if you're always turning around to see what others think of you. Be sincere, be brave, and be yourself! -Syeikh Yasir Qadhi. True, we need to be brave to be ourselves.

An abundance of du'a is inevitable if we want to have a smooth-sailing life. Because making du'a means you are placing your hope to the ultimate power, and when you keep on having Him in your heart, it will never make you feel hopeless. It's okay to feel down by others' words, but make sure that His words will make you rise and carry on fighting for the best! We don't deny that life has its ups and downs. But the trick is; to enjoy every ups, and not letting the sadness wins whenever the downs take place.

Sometimes we do wonder why other people can be happy, but not us? Why certain people always get what they want, but we aren't like that? The truth is, we never know what really happened in other people's life. We didn't see how much pain they have to face, and we have no idea how much effort did they put in order to hide their sadness. A smiling face doesn't necessarily indicates a free-from-problems life.

Back to that person I was spending a heart to heart session, she did say that I am lucky enough because I have nothing to worry about, no sadness to be endured, no big problems to be solved etc etc etc, you name it. It's really wrong. If only she know... So, maybe I am good at hiding my emotions? I don't know. I keep thinking that I myself is a weak person, a full-of-sins-and-flaws slave, which always make my heart feel devastated and in a restless mode, for the remorseful feeling keeps tapping on my shoulder.

Well, yeah. That's life. It doesn't have to be perfect. It has to be lived. And to make Allah as our biggest inspiration.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

* Hasanah here and there *


Just finished a book entitled: Happiness Now by Andrew Matthews. Actually I 'borrowed' the book from in-law's home library. One reason why I chose that book out of the thousands books available there is: It got colored illustrations + each topic is written in a short length. Now you can judge me as someone which is not-so-in-love with lengthy books. haha

By the way, the book is very interesting and simple. I like it because I can relate my life with every topic. Nahh, off with whatever about me liking this and that. Just wanna share some stuffs from that book.

Basically, everything written there is regarding relationships, career, prosperity, peace of mind, or in sum; life. When talking about life, surely we as Muslims need to remember that we live TWICE. Once here, and once there. But the choices that you made for your life here, will determine how you live there. 

Well, my wish for you, may you'll have a good life. Hasanah here and there. :) Insha Allah. 

* Sepi itu Indah *


Ada ketikanya terasa tidak mahu menulis, semata-mata kerana keadaan diri yang sepertinya tidak pantas untuk memberi kata nasihat atau berkongsi yang baik-baik... Namun bila sudah mula menulis, tidak bererti diri adalah yang selayaknya untuk berbicara soal kebaikan, akan tetapi kondisi hati yang mempengaruhi segala... Biarlah hanya DIA yang mengerti apa yang terselindung di sebalik sesetengah bicara.