Friday, September 24, 2010

* These 4 Issues *


While waiting for the passport-renewing procedure to be done, we headed to a kiosk, rummaging around for any eye-catching magazines, for us to fill up our minds with new information, as well as to kill the time since the queue was incredibly long!

In fact we did bring books with us but the very-long-queue had brought our book-treasuring more than halfway to reach their last sentences. Plus the matters (the books’ contents) are slightly ‘heavy’ and it flashed in our minds that we might need to spend the remaining waiting hours with different type of issues.

Small kiosk, small amount of magazines, small-sized choices. Majority of the magazines there are not in the languages I can understand, and to top it all, much much more magazines there were presenting mind-numbing information & stories, e.g.: veil styles (not in accordance to shariah), ‘coloring the face’ tips, exposing-the-aurah fashions and so on so forth. So I just picked this magazine, a magazine which (if I’m not mistaken) was known as controversial back then due to the issues shared in it. However I guess it was a long long ago matter & as I went through the pages of this month issue, I said: hey this is nice! Many facts and articles presented in it are very informative and worth reading. It is Al Islam magazine. October 2010 issue. I’ll write some of the interesting topics in it here. So if you are curious to read more about them go and buy one. It is unfair (and wrong as well) if we totally reject the truth due to an iota mistake done before. Yang benar tetap benar. :)

So here are some of the topics included:

1) Dengarkanlah Azan, Ia Mungkin yang Terakhir!

This article enlightens us about the adzan (the call for prayer) issue, interestingly, from the scientific perspective. A doctor shares his research on the ample benefits of adzan to humankind and to this Earth. One captivating fact: adzan helps stabilizing the world’s wave.

2) Awas! Bebola Ikan Bercampur Plasma Darah, Haram Dimakan.

So this article divulges how some fish balls products nowadays are not halal since blood plasma is mixed together with them. Through ELISA technique, 9 out of 12 fish balls products are proven non-halal due to the existence of blood plasma in their ingredients. So be careful!

3) Apabila Yahudi Mengkaji Hadith Akhir Zaman

This is interesting. In summary, this article stresses on the issue of the doomsday i.e.: about the signs of its arrival, as prescribed in the hadith. Astonishingly, Ustaz Fadlan Mohd Othman stated that the most dedicated people in doing research on these hadith are the Jews! Is it because of them having faith? Surely not. They are devoting themselves to carry out studies revolving around this fabulously important knowledge simply for their own benefits. For instance, Ustaz Fadlan affirmed that the Jews read these hadith to prepare themselves upon facing the arising of Muslimin.

Some of them even copy the contents of these hadith and then presented them as if they (the contents) are theirs. This is practically an act of plagiarism and it is well understood that the purpose is to capture people’s attention as well as to grasp handsome amount of money. To make it crystal clear, there was once this book which talks about the signs of the Doomsday, written by Nostradamus (a Jew) which became exceptionally popular since people were impressed of his ability to predict the will-happen things. After the 11th September tragedy, more and more people are buying his book as they were very eager to know what incidents will happen next. However, this big lie was finally exposed. It was proven through history that Nostradamus and his grandfather steal piles of valuable manuscripts from Baghdad and other Arab countries which indeed contain a large amount of information including hadith. Since then, Nostradamus (as he learned Arabic Language) manipulated the contents of these hadith and rephrased them in the form of poems so that people will think that he is the writer. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

p.s.: The Jews are busy planting the Gharqad trees as they know (from their readings on hadith) that this tree is the only tree which will help them during their upcoming war against Muslim, precisely, this tree will help the Jews hiding behind it and say nothing to Muslims when they pass by. (Other trees will inform the Muslims if any Jews happen to hide behind them). (this is as stated in a hadith narrated by al-Bukhari, Muslim & al-Tirmidzi). Whoa, seems like a fantasy (trees talking) but it is a reality! Hey, the Jews are preparing themselves to face the day of destruction. What about us Muslims?

4) Istimewanya Islam di Mata Adolf Hitler.

First and foremost, it is to be bear in mind that this article is written not to praise Adolf Hitler, instead to expose the greatness of Islam which is the reason why prominent world figures acknowledged it.

As example, Hitler had a close relationship with some mufti & muslim scholars; and one of them was Syeikh Amin al Husaini, which was once his partner in establishing a special unit called Batalion Hadzar, operated in Balkan. Apart from that, it was his style to begin his every speech with Quranic verse from surah alqamar: 54. He did fell in love with this verse after he ordered his advisors to search for a bombastic quote to be included in his speech and they recommended this particular verse. He had said once: "...The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity..."

Hitler wasn't among the people who enjoy consuming alcohol or smoking especially in the time of stress, instead he preferred tea, which proves that he lived a healthy life. He died leaving behind two main principles for Germany, they are: 1) His principle towards Jews, Zionism and the establishment of Israel country. 2) His principle regarding Islam. His rhapsodical view towards Islam urged him to print some articles about Islam and spread them to Nazi armies.

p.s.: His life stories were recorded in a book entitled Mein Kampf.

I think that's all i wanna share with readers out there. Will share some more next time. :)