Saturday, October 6, 2012

* They Have Feelings Too *


Went to a bookshop with little D and found a series of books which really caught my attention. It is very rare to see toddlers' books to be revolved around such topics; about feelings.

All the books are written by Trace Moroney. You know, we tend to neglect the fact that little toddlers also have feelings and need to learn about them. Just simple sentences and explanations, but they are enough to teach the little kids about the feelings that they keep having.

I feel like buying them all but each book costs RM14.90 since they are board books. (Truth be told, honestly I wanna buy them for myself. haha)

Well, I didn't buy any, but I read most of them! And here are some pics of the pages which I'd like to share with readers. :)

(These books are in the series of: When I am Feeling ..... Sad, Happy, Kind, Loved, Jealous, Lonely, etc etc etc)

Excuse me for the bad quality of the pics. Click on the pic to enlarge. 


NoorVictory said...

They are good. I feel motivated myself! HAHAHA.

I will buy it for myself too! :P heee~ (when I got a job and paycheck haha)

Ummu Majdiyya said...

Yes, you should! pls jot it down in your to-buy list once u got your pay. haha.